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We solve modern businesses' remote logistics and equipment management challenges. We are obsessed
with building the best global remote workspace management platform.
Our mission is to ensure people have equitable work experiences and opportunities regardless of their
geographic location or remote work preferences.

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Setting up a remote team locally, or globally, is complex, expensive, and risky. Shipping equipment from your HQ country to other countries or buying equipment from multiple vendors internationally is also a big headache.

Modern businesses need an experience-driven, full-stack tech platform that integrates seamlessly with currently used team onboarding solutions to manage every aspect of team workstations, IT inventory, security and equipment setup to make remote work work at scale.

That’s GroWrk

Our Story

After building global tech companies in the furniture rental and green energy sectors, Carlos Escutia felt the pain caused to deliver a simple piece of equipment such as a laptop to a remote team member in another country. To solve this, Carlos started GroWrk in 2019 to give remote companies unprecedented visibility, on-demand scale and the leading global logistics network to provide and manage equipment for remote teams, at the touch of a button.


GroWrk is headed by CEO Carlos N. Escutia, along with a senior leadership team with a cumulative 45 years of logistics, operations, and cloud software experience.

Carlos Escutia

Carlos Escutia


Juan Helu

Juan Helu


Bernardo Cassina

Bernardo Cassina


Our Core Values are R.E.M.O.T.E.


Room for Improvement

The world is constantly changing, which is why we frequently refine and perfect our services and processes. Growth stems from change!



We encourage autonomy and cross platform collaboration. We want to provide workstations that do the same.



Forward thinking and a drive to succeed cant happen without the right tools for work. The pursuit of betterment is never-ending.



At GroWrk, we view problems as opportunities to implement creative solutions and welcome them. Creativity knows no bounds.



We believe in fostering a work environment where everyone feels comfortable sharing feedback and opinions. Trust builds relationships.



We deal with the best, so we work with the best. Every GroWrk client is unique and we want to make their remote teams experience a memorable one.

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