Retrieve, swap, or store IT equipment from a single platform

GroWrk simplifies global logistics for smooth equipment retrieval in more than 150 countries. Collect company-owned devices from global teams in just a few clicks.

Start Asset Recovery Process
Prepare Devices for Shipping
Arrange Pickup
Store Device
Deploy Device

How GroWrk retrieves IT equipment

  1. 1. Start Asset Recovery Process

    Initiate the asset recovery process on the GroWrk platform and confirm the employee address.

  2. 2. Prepare Devices for Shipping

  3. 3. Arrange Pickup

  4. 4. Store Device

  5. 5. Deploy Device

Note: This process might vary depending on the region or country.


Why companies choose GroWrk’s laptop recovery services

Dedicated Asset Recovery Team
Dedicated Asset Recovery Team

Our global asset recovery team handles all the logistics of device collection, no matter the location. They are available 24/7 for any last-minute shipping or storage changes.

Safe and Secure Processes
Safe and Secure Processes

We ensure all of your equipment is returned safely and handled with the utmost care. Once retrieved, we run maintenance checks and wipe hard drives to protect your privacy. You'll get tracking updates at every step to keep you informed.

Maximize ROI on End-of-Life Technology
Maximize ROI on End-of-Life Technology

Maximize the ROI of your IT assets by eliminating costs associated with unreturned or misplaced IT assets and lost data. We service your devices until the end of their useful life and provide a disposal certificate for destroyed items.



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