Product Feature: A Personalized Catalog to save time and improve your experience

Product Feature: A Personalized Catalog to save time and improve your experience

Imagine having to go through thousands of products to search for the right IT equipment that best matches the needs of your employees, meets your company requirements, and is available in the employee’s country. Not only is this a difficult task but it is also very time-consuming. Especially if other pending duties require your attention. You probably already deal with many different catalogs, which can get very confusing and frustrating. To streamline and have a smooth experience, the Growrk team is introducing the Personalized Catalog feature. Here is how the Personalized Catalog feature works.

Working with a Personalized Catalog

Having a remote distributed team means having different employees in different countries with different needs. It is hard to figure out what brands are available in different countries. To make it easy for you to order all the IT equipment your employees need, Growrk has created the Personalized Catalog, which contains all the products you need.

The personalized catalog feature makes it easier for you to find exactly what you're looking for with less effort. This means streamlining your options to what your employee needs and what is available in their country. This is important so that you can make the right decision on what equipment to request for.

To personalize your catalog, follow these steps:

  1. During onboarding, select the countries your current employees are located in and the countries where you are projecting to hire. 
  2. Once the available products in the countries come up, select the IT equipment your employees need.
  3. Click ‘save changes’.

You now have a personalized catalog on your Dashboard! You will only see products that are available for your employees or inventory in their specific locations. It’s that simple.

personalized catalog

The Personalized Catalog is a smart way to save time

We know your time is valuable and that is why the Personalized Catalog feature comes in handy. You already know what your teammates need, why go through endless catalog pages? Let us save you the hassle, so you can focus on more important things.

Final thoughts

From now on, you will be sure of what IT equipment is available! Growrk provides a personalized catalog with what you and your employees need. Request a demo here to take advantage of our award-winning platform and take your team to a whole new level of remote work.
Mark Gregory

April 11

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